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Our SAWO Sauna Heaters are top quality and range from the compact 2.3 Kilowatt to the larger 24 Kilowatt units. We supply and install to homes, apartments, hotels, resorts, gyms, sport centres, offices and anywhere else where a sauna can be found. Made from superior quality chrome steel combined with a strong Finnish know-how SAWO Sauna Heaters guarantee excellence to satisfy the demands of discerning sauna-goers. A range of heaters are available to suit a wide variety of uses, from small domestic to large commercial (2.3 kW to 24 kW). SAWO heaters are also rated for Australian use.

To buy a heater direct from our showroom, please free to contact us.

Available in 2.3 Kw, 3.0 Kw and 3.6 kW
The Mini heater is the best solution for small saunas. Because of its petite body and moveable control unit, it needs very little space. Mini is available also with a separate control panel. All metal parts of the heater are stainless steel. Mini is more proof of how SAWO continues to bring leading innovation to meet your demand for satisfaction.

Mini is available in 2,3 Kw, 3,0 Kw and 3,6 kW.
Available in 4.5 kW, 6.0 kW and 8.0 kW.
Scandia is excellent for small and medium-sized sauna rooms. Like Mini, it is available either with a built-in control unit or with a separate control panel. It has a robust body and a sizeable stone compartment. All metal parts of the heater are stainless steel.

Scandia is available in five outputs: 4,5 kW, 6,0 kW and 8,0 kW.
The Savonia heater range is the ideal solution for larger saunas and particlarly for commercial applications which require a heater that can be controlled with an exterior control unit. The large stone capacity provides pleasant and long lasting steam. These heaters are available from 9 kW to 24 kW sizes.

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