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Saunas - Traditional Finnish Saunas and Infrared Saunas

Check out our saunas - Traditional (hot rock) Finnish Saunas and our new range of Infrared Saunas.

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Suppliers to the XXI Commonwealth Games!
4-15 April 2018

Our Traditional Finnish Saunas were used by world class, medal-winning athletes. Venues included the Commonwealth Games Village, Carrara Stadium and training facilties More: click here

Unit 6, 37 Bailey Crescent, Southport.
Opening hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Mon-Fri

Ph: 07 5528 1199 or 0407 739 464

Welcome to the Gold Coast. The home of Gold Coast Saunas, specialists for high quality sauna, steam room sales and repairs.
Want to build a sauna? We provide free quotes to custom-build a durable and high quality sauna to your specifications. Or if you like, we can supply the materials and free advice to help you build your own. We supply quality heaters made in Finland, western red cedar and a range of parts including elements and thermostats as well as a wide range of sauna room accessories. Be sure to call in advance. No job too big, no customer too small. Our clients include home owners, the construction industry as well as the largest resorts and hotels in Queensland.


We have a wide range of pails, ladles, thermometers, sand timers, scent basins, and imported rocks.


Sawo Scandia
MADE IN FINLAND. For both home and commercial use, the Scandia range is our most popular sauna heater.
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Health Tips: Sauna to Swimming

A northern European invention, saunas are warmly welcomed on Queensland's Gold Coast.
Sauna rooms conjure up images of Scandanavian folk rolling around in the snow before jumping back into the comfort of a well heated sauna. But the facts are, saunas are very popular in warmer climates.
Australia's Gold Coast, with its glorious beaches, swimming pools and spas, also has an abundance of saunas. Anyone who has enjoyed the relaxation of combining sauna and swimming will tell you the health benefits.

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